Saturday, August 29, 2009

Utah Trip: August 14th - the 12st 2009

We came to Utah for Hugh Royal Hinkson's wedding! He married Melissa, we like her yes we do. Here is the handsome couple.

They were selaed in the Manti LDS Temple!

Here are some more Temple pictures and some from the reception!

Hank meets Uncle Big Dave!

And Aunt Daine! Here are all Mom and Dads grandkids!
A Family Picture!

Mark and Ralph talking politics- jk!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Swim Time! This is Hanks third time to be in a pool. He doesn't love swimming yet. I am determined to get him to love swimming. Maybe by his first birthday!!!

Hank cried for quite alot of this swim experience, I think partially because he was getting sick. It was a great day for swimming though. It was hot, the pool was heated and we had the pool practically to ourselves.

The gang that swam with us was Luke, his friend Kelly, Julie, Ralph, Amber, Hannah, Sarah, and Sean! We had a great time.

Here is Hank on his first plane ride, we flew on August 14th! He was a great passenger! He slept for a few minutes at the beginning and then was a wiggling worm the rest of the time. He smiled at everyone he saw!

He is so cute!!

He is the best baby ever! We had a great flight. He was thrilled with so many people to talk too! A lady to the back and left held him for a few minutes! Until he started taking her glasses off then she quickly gave him back! It was funny!