Sunday, October 19, 2014


 The Motorscooter was given to us, we bought a new batterie for it.  Free became expensive!

 But look how fun!!

 Hank and his Auntie Afton made this great Tee-pee!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Can you beleive it!

.....our house sold?  That Sale Pending sign is changing to sold!

Can you believe that happy face turn to this.....

....sad face once the ride started!

We had matching hair dos?

 can you believe it, I tried on my wedding dress 11 years after our big day, and it is way to big?
 ....Mark made this all by himself?  And we got a photo of him!!  Magic!  He is a busy man.

Can you beleive I got this sweaty, doing P90x Core Synergistics?

.....Hank rode a horse

Can you believe Ellie and Great Grandma played on her tablet forever?  Thanks for teaching us about this fun game!

 I am sure there is more amazing stuff we are doing, that you just can't believe!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last Swim day for Hank/ Swimming for Ellie

I have to say, he is way good now!  
two weeks of lessons, and he is swimming several different ways!

 Jumping in was his favorite!
 Ellie had her own swimming lesson in the bath! Self taught.
 She was really getting into going under!  I think she is ready for a lesson now.  I had initially wanted to sign both kids up for swim.  But Ellie said she didn't want to swim without me with her in the pool.  But she says she is ready now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So- I totally invented Selfies!  Or however it is stated.  I just never pa-tent the idea.  
Here I took the photo of us four.  We were waiting for the tractor pull to start.  Hank participated!!

We took a break from waiting and we went into the Petting zoo.
Here is a sweet Kangaroo!

A small goat trying to eat my bag!

Hank had so much fun in here with the animals.  But Sadie and Ellie did not.

 The tractor pull began!

 Here we are in the small animal exhibit!

 This bunny was beautiful!

We had so much fun at the FAIRE!

Cute people!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On Friday Ellie rode her Bike all the way to Grandmas house.  About 3 blocks.

Today is Wednesday, and just a few minutes ago, Ellie says to me, "Mom what's for dinner?"  
I said, "Mashed cauliflower, baked chicken legs, corn on the cob and yams."
She said, "I don't like that anymore, I did when I was a baby."

She is amazing!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May has been super so far!

Family came to visit!  We went to San Francisco!

 We had friends over to play on Cinco de Mayo!  Here is our favorite person these days- Norah, my girl-friends daughter.  I actually held Norah just 5 hours after she was born, Oct. 16th 2013.  What a special experience that was!  I sure love Norah and her family!
 Polar Bear swim for Hank and Ellie in the kiddie pool, first thing in the morning one day!  Hank got his feet wet, Ellie decided against it!
Hank wasn't quite ready to smile!

Visit to Danville to see Aunt Janet!  We love you ladie!  What a perfect bunch!!
 Mothers day is my favorite part of May!  Being Spoiled!!
 Planning after breakfast!
I love being their mom!
 Cute buns!!  I love her outfit!
 Hank is looking rather square.
 This was a hit with my family, this was my plate, everyone else had rice instead of Quinoa.  I plan on mixing theirs next time half rice half quinoa.   It was delicious!!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some photos to share!

Dinner time!  
 Ellie is such a great salad eater!  Look at that empty bowl, she ate lots!
 I think she is such a beauty!
Hank loves food.  He is a normal boy, right!  Sandwiches and burritos and pizza and apples, are his favorites!  Here he is pleased with his egg sandwich and yogurt!
 New Booster Seat!  So much fun!  Hank is getting another one for his birthday, so he can have one in the Truck and the Car!