Friday, January 28, 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

2nd trip to Super Franks!

Rarely do the moms get their pictures taken, so here are the moms that went to Super Franks!
Carolyn, Gretchen and Lisa! They're Great!

Super Franks! We love it here! This is the Fish room. It is way cool. We went with some of our friends. Hank is getting in "the Pool".
He swam out to the dock!

He is such a great swimmer and climber!

The Safari room is really fun!
Here Hank is asking if he can go on the big blow up toy. Of course I said "yes"!

Here he is climbing up! His friend Gavin, was climbing up too.

Later he asked me to go on it with him, so I did.
My friend Carolyn snapped this of us!

Hank had fun on this swing.

Hank's Daaad!

These two have loads of fun together!
MArk was helping me get a shot of Hank in his new PJ's from Grandma Hinkson (my mom)!
One day Mark said he wanted to make beef jerky, so he did. Hank loved watching him string the meat! Before he strung the meat, he made his own rack. Then he cooked it on low (170 degrees) for almost an entire day, about 20 hours, it was a little too dry, but still edible.
I am repeatedly impressed by my hubby! He is so awesome!

That is a lot of beef!

Mark wanted to help entertain Hank several days ago, so he busted out the crayons and drew a city. Then he got out the pop onz and built buildings, we all had fun playing with the creation.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I am a Copy Cat!

So a fantastic and long time friend of mine, Bethany Hyatt, will be turning 30 this year, she decided to do 30 awesome Things Before she Turns 30. she and I have October birthdays, infact they are only two days apart. She is older than me, by 2 days! Anyways, I have decided to follow in her foot steps, or in other words copy cat her cool idea!

I started thinking about this in October 2010, so some things I started doing then and others I will begin now, January 2011. Okay here goes, my list of 30 things to do before I'm 30!

Gretchen’s 30 "things"
1. Buy a fabric rocking chair!
2. Carry out my Hinkson family reunion!
3. Write a missionary each week!
4. Plant a garden!
5. Budget, save, buy groceries with cash.
6. Floss well!
7. Read 6 books!
8. Go on two day trips with Mark and kids!
9. Go Camping with Mark and kids!
10. Routinely (at least bi-monthly) spend one on one time with Hank and Mark!
11. Write a poem.
12. Build a playhouse for Hank!
13. Plan and have family home evening each week, this is a year goal too.
14. Make a cleaning schedule that works for me.
15. Make a fabric town for toy cars, (like my cousin Michelle did)!
16. Go to the Temple each month, even if it is with the kids and we walk around the grounds and go to the visitor Center!
17. Become flexible by doing Yoga, at least twice a week, devote to it after baby #2 is 2 months old!
18. Lift weights regularly and take 30 minute walks regularly 3 times a week!
19. Move and set up "house".
20. Complete 2 personal progress value sections, before I move.
21. Continue Menu Planning.
22. Use the lemon bushes lemons to make; a lemon crème pie, lemon bars, and lots of lemonade!!!
23. Become an owner of a table and chairs
24. Enter an item in the County Fair.
25. Choose at least 5 tips to becoming more organized and stick with them, an example is “Monthly go through closets, shelves, cupboards and drawers and de-junk”!
26. Make baby sister something.
27. Get back to pre-marriage weight.
28. Sell Marks motor! Any buyers? It is a rebuilt chevy engine!
29. Make a family tree to put on the wall!
30. Plan my 10th anniversary (2013), begin saving for it!

OK wish me luck!! Here is a picture of Bethany and I Dec. 2008.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Shades and a Tea Party

Cool Shades, eh? This is Hank and his mom, (mid December 2010).
I had a Mia Maid Tea Party on Dec. 18th 2010.
It was a succes, even though only one Mia Maid attended.

Hank joined in the fun eating the treats and he wore this hat for the picture, quickly took it off.

I put it back on him for this picture~!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A large post for Christmas 2010!

The Hinkson Family gathering- Thursday night Dec. 23rd!
Luke the youngest of my siblings and Kent the oldest!
There is almost exactly 20 years in between them. They are currently 13 and 33!
They sure are Handsome!

Here are some of the ladies and one gent!
(me, Tallie, Melissa, Mom and Ezra (Tallies #2 son))!
Hank playing with Grandpa! Pop goes the weezle!

Hank decided he had had enough licorice, out it comes, watch out James!

Some more ladies! Rachel, Julie and Sarah! Silly- Silly- Silly!

Friday afternoon, we went to Debbie and Keiths.
Here Hank is playing a long lasting game with his uncle Keith- "Watch me hide in the closet!"

"You found me".

Down stairs when we first arrived a fun game of nurf gun wars occured, I think that A.J. won!!

They posed for me!

Choo Choo!

AJ, Hank, Jordan and Chelsea playing with the Train!
Jordan and Chelsea are engaged, Wedding is 5-7-11!

Playing the Piano! Keith sang along. Those two had the best time!

Christmas morning!

Tea Anyone? Hank playing in the basement, late Christmas morning!

Hank with his Grandma and Grandpa Hinkson!
Christmas evening!
Just hanging out, with cousin Kent!

Mark opened some loot from Cynthia! Thanks Cyn!!

We came home Sunday the 26th. That night we had our Christmas!
Santa had left our stockings for us to enjoy!
We gave Mark a robot bug, that skitters around, Hank picked it out!
It is hard to see, but it is near Marks hand in this pic.

Mark gave Hank this Etchi-Sketch, which Hank loves!!

That is one big smile!
I made Afton a "Antie Afton and Me" book. The "Me" is Hank!

Here's another big smile!