Monday, August 30, 2010

Outside and Inside Fun!

Look at those beautiful colors!
So I planted a garden in March and we have been getting lots of bounty from it!
The apples are from the neighbors tree, now don't be thinking we are thieves! We have permission to pick as many as we wish!
Hank is getting so good at smiling for the camera!! Hank loves, I mean absolutely loves tomatoes!
He has found he doesn't like to wait till I dice them up. He just likes to eat them like an apple or peach!

Here he is saying "cheese"!
A wagon ride!!!
Hank and his Mom love to pick fruits and veggies!

Hank loves to play with "Grandmas toys"!! We have kept them in the same place as she did. He knows where they are, in the "primary closet". On Saturday I saw the yellow container, slid behind some large art pads, and got them out. He has been playing with them ever since. We forgot they were there, and so he hasn't played with them for 6 months. Those poor legos!

He just loves this lego container!
His favorite pieces of the legoes, are the people!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Here are some Hank pictures!

Saturday morning Mark put in the movie Wall E for Hank to watch, he watch most of it, but fell asleep some time in the middle/ end. He has not fallen asleep outside of his bed or carseat in many many months. Amazing!

One Wednesday afternoon I planned to have a special snack for when Mark arrived home, cookies, homemade chocolate chip cookies. I finished baking them just 10 or so minutes before Mark got home. Hank saw Mom and Dad dunking their cookies in Milk, so he wanted to too!
Here he is dunking away!

Then he decided to let it soak up some milk!
Look at that happy face!

We usally keep the bathroom door closed, but
last week I found him in the bathroom, with all this out!
Curious Hank!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marks Work Family picnic!

Marks work picnic was super fun! We spent most of the time at the jump house, but we also got to eat yummy food, watch big kids rock climb, and have a family charactature drawn of us.
Here Hank is next to his drawing. Does it look like him? A little bit. We sure enjoyed getting this drawn. The artist was really quick!
Hank had a blast in the Jump house!!
He was a little aprehensive at first, but a few minutes of
watching all the other kids and he was ready to try it out!

Mark and I had so much fun watching this little guy!

So cute!!!!

Bouncy- bouncy!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A few Photos!

Say Cheese!
I don't know if he really is mine, he looks nothing like me and sometimes he acts a bit too much like a wild monkey!
Mark assures me he is mine, he watched the surgeon pull him out and then got to follow him wherever the nurses needed to take him.
I sure do love both my "boys"!!
Hank is getting good at Smiling on cue now!!!

This summer has been very cool! That is why Hank is wearing winter PJ's in August!!
So, the doll was on loan from our neighbor, Marilyn. He loves it!! We recently returned it and today I got out my Cabbage Patch doll.
I am interested what Hanks reaction will be with my cute red haired baby doll!

Hank with Auntie Afton, Friday the 6th of August!

He loves to have his hair brushed!!

They are soooooo cute!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have been thinking lots about when Hank was born!
And also lots about this. A baby crying!

And this, a baby sleeping!
Because, we are having another baby! Wahoo!
Baby #2 should come around February 19th!
No worries if this one is late, Hank was!!