Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun Friday, and Saturday is a Special day!

Hank took a bath after Lunch, because we had worked outside and he was very dirty!
Bath time! Daddy making sure I get clean!

Hank loves Hats!

What a handsome man!

After Hank got to do lots of fun things with his daddy, Auntie Afton came over!
We played with my toys, she gave me a new cup and helped she got me ready for bed.
Then we watched a show!

"Saturday is a Special day it's the day we get the fan blades clean with our stuffed animals!"

They had fun!


OK, here are some pictures of Leanne and I crafting!
We have only ever made Halloween eggs together.
We blow the yoke out, so we are able to keep them forever!

Leannes Eggs!

Gretchen packing up, it is time for Hanks nap!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Ward Campout!

Friday Sept 17th
We arrived around 6:30 pm, played for a little bit, then participated in the campfire.
Brother Dodson and the Judsons retired three American flags.
Off to the side the Lewis's are taking a family photo!

Here Hank is being silly with his glow stick.
The night ended with Hank getting burned on a lantern.
Luckily nothing happened. We went home around 9pm.
We only went up for the campfire, Hot Cocoa and smores.

The next few photos are of Hank playing around before the campfire began!
Hank played with this long stick for several minutes!
Going from sitting to standing on this bench seat, while holding firewood!
Haydon Compton was doing the same!
Hank had two pieces of wood one behind him and the other is to the right of him!

Hank playing ball with Sione Nau!

Running to Mom!

Making spooky Ukranian eggs for Halloween!

So I forgot to take pictures of Leanne and I creating our eggs.
I did take pictures of some of the eggs I finished recently!
An owl!

A pumpkin patch! There are three pumpkins going around!

When Malachi got home from school, I busted out the camera-
Hank and Sola sitting in a "chair", S-I-T-T-I-N-G!
Aren't they so super cute!
Hank has got the smiling thing down!
But that is because his mommy is a crazy camera lady!!
I say to him "Cheeeeese" and he smiles!
They heard the garbage truck!

Sola joins, but the garbage truck is moving so....
Malachi moves to be able to see it!

To the window! Hank joins him.
Next they moved to the couch to look out another window!!

Hank loves to watch Shows!!

Hank got an early Christmas gift from a special family member!
A new Carseat! He loves it. It is now in the car.
But the day I opened it, he wanted to sit in it and watch a show!!
He is watching intently! Which I love because this "show" is one that I loved as a kid!
Oh- don't you love his Halloween PJ's!!

Do you know what show it is? Hint - it is a musical!!

Do you know now?
It is Babes in Toyland! The best movie ever!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Super Franks is super dooper!

This is the Safari Room at Super Franks!
It is a toddler room. It is so amaxing!
There are all sorts of things to do here!

This is our friend, Sheilas niece, Audrey!
Hank loved to push her in the car, he also loved to point to all the awesome stuff!
The animals are so cute!

Here they are both in a car!

We went up the stairs to the Fish Tank!
This is such a cool room!

See how cool!

Hello Hank!
I used my flash!

Hank playing on the "beach."

" Under the Sea- darling it's better down where it's wetter"

This is the Village room!
Fun stuff!

Hank playing inside the play house!
We had a great couple of hours at SUPER Franks!!

Like Father Like Son

Mark and Hank watching a show!
Now a days we call movies -"shows".
Washing the truck!

What a great helper!

Hank loves to do what his daddy is doing!

Hanging in the pool!
Mark came home from work all sweaty and dirty and said I am going to take a shower, then he said, let's play in the pool first!! Hank loved that idea!!
Mark went to shower.
Hank stayed and played!

"Swimming, swimming in the deep blue sea!"
Well, at least in our shallow yellow kiddy pool!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Family Photos!

Our neighbor asked if he could take our families picture.
"Of course and Thank you" was our reply.
Some of these photos turned out better than others.
Here we are outside the house!
In front of the Camila bush!

Really great picture of Mark!!! Hank is a cutie!
The best out of all!