Thursday, July 17, 2014

Last Swim day for Hank/ Swimming for Ellie

I have to say, he is way good now!  
two weeks of lessons, and he is swimming several different ways!

 Jumping in was his favorite!
 Ellie had her own swimming lesson in the bath! Self taught.
 She was really getting into going under!  I think she is ready for a lesson now.  I had initially wanted to sign both kids up for swim.  But Ellie said she didn't want to swim without me with her in the pool.  But she says she is ready now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


So- I totally invented Selfies!  Or however it is stated.  I just never pa-tent the idea.  
Here I took the photo of us four.  We were waiting for the tractor pull to start.  Hank participated!!

We took a break from waiting and we went into the Petting zoo.
Here is a sweet Kangaroo!

A small goat trying to eat my bag!

Hank had so much fun in here with the animals.  But Sadie and Ellie did not.

 The tractor pull began!

 Here we are in the small animal exhibit!

 This bunny was beautiful!

We had so much fun at the FAIRE!

Cute people!