Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The beginning of our trip to Arizona!

On the way to Arizona, Hank slept a large portion of the drive.

Mark and Hank at a Rest Stop!

Mark asked me to take his picture by this sign!.
Waffle Wednesday! Father and Son style!!

Cookies and being outside are Hanks favorites!

Lets be honest, they are some of mine favorites too!
He fell ealier that day, and got a huge fat lip and some mild scrapes on his face :(

No shoes outside, that is so rare!

"Cheese! Mommy is so funny!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

#1 Birthday Boy!

Lunch time smiles, eating his first P.B. and Jelly Sandwich!
Our neighbors came baring gifts for Hank!
Marilyn has been Marks neightbor ince before he was born. Now she and her grand-daughter Emily dote over Hank!
Here they are giving him toys that used to be Emily's when she was a baby!!
How sweet is that?
Emily and Hank really play well together and she just loves him and just loves her!!

"STOMP", I hear something coming......DINO CAKE!
Made especially for Hank by his Aunty Afton!!

Hank really loved his cake!!

"Mom, I am eating."

He had just started to squeeze the cake to death!

We got him all cleaned up and then he realized he didn't have an y ice cream yet, so he dipped a match into it and licked it off the match. Then his fingers seemed better for the job and we took the match away, so...

More Presents and cards!!!

Mom decided to help me! Afton and Hank are so excited to see what is in the box, from our friends the Fosters!!!

2 shirts and a book about Easter animals!