Saturday, October 20, 2012


So, the last two Saturdays I have left my house in the eight oclock hour and headed to a park and played with a bunch of adults, my most favorite game- Ultimate Frizbee.  I have never been happier!!  I love Ultimate, and now I am back into playing it weekly.  I use to play with some of my old roommates and single friends back in 2001, 2002 and part of 2003.  It was so great.  I have played periodically over the past 9 years, mostly at campouts and reunions for my side of the family, but now it is on, I am running, catching, throwing, and having so much fun!  I love it!!

Today was also filled with working at my old home (the apartment).  A friend watch Hank and Ellie for an hour, then we put them down for a nap at Grandmas and Grandpas while Mark and I continued working.  I ripped out the baseboard, that was fun!!  Mark layed some foam sheets on the ground in prep to lay the hardwood.  He also prepped the stairs and sanded and puddied some areas.  We are great at working, we are.

And when the kids woke up, (well Hank never went to sleep, he is slowly turning into a kid that doesn't need naps, about once a week, he doesn't need a nap, sometimes twice) I stopped working and headed to the park with Hank and Ellie, which was so fun.  We happened to arrive while the Fire fighters in San Leandro were having safety drilld and practicing putting out fires (the park we were at was separated from the Fire training grounds by a fence and some trees.  It was cool, we watched for a few minutes while Firemen, climbed ladders, and were busy trying to put out a fake fire, when we were ready to leave so were the firemen, the fire trucks drove away as we watched. 

So during our park trip we climbed the play structure and collected sticks, some that were full of leaves and some that were just sticks.  We- Hank, and Ellie and I love Nature.  We collect things most people scoop up and put in their yard waste. 

I made pizza for dinner, I just love homemade pizza!!  Then gave the kids baths, put them to bed (they were tucked in at 7:10), and cleaned up the kitchen.  Lastly I have been working on my Sharing Time lesson, it is going to be a great lesson!  It was such a fun day.  Now I am off to bed!  Thanks for reading!!  What did you do today?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Tricky tricky!

She was suppose to be eating.  Instead she's sleeping, tricky Ellie!
 Pretty cute, huh?

Just a red bag, right?

Wrong, it is Hank!  Tricky boy!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I am 31 years old!

Here I am at my birthday party!  Oct. 9th is my day.
It was so fun!  It was a double birthday celebration, shared with Sarah L. 
Here is the other birthday girl!!  Oct. 8th is her day.

Here is a cute photo of daddy and daughter!  Ellie is sporting Sarahs birthday gift.
I forgot to take a photo of my cake.  Afton made me a pair of flip flops.  Thery were so tastey and extrememly stylish!  Thanks for another awesome cake, Aft!

Monday, October 8, 2012

An October trip to the Zoo

Our Zoo has a great Bug House! 
We love it!
Here they were checking out a rabbit statue.
Ellie did a great job walking up and down this rocky stream.
Here is a cute one of me and the kids.  Ellie wasn't ready with a smile, but she is looking at the camera!!  Thanks for taking so many pictures of me, Sarah and Mom!
OK, this isn't the best photo, but we wanted to let everyone see our awesome Aunt Sarah, she came to visit this past weekend.  We went to the Zoo with her.  It was super fun.  Oh, I tried a few times to take pictures of Sarah with the kids, but I failed.