Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is that you say- "Ellie can sit"?

YES, she can!
I have more to come!
OK, here is my new hair!!  Sorry to keep you in suspence!
The following several pictures are from my surprise birthday trip to Sacramento!
There was this one shop that went totally all out, The front of the store was decorated in Halloween, the back was Christmas!  I loved it!!
I had Mark play a shooting game, he got 18 shots, he hit all but one!  Wahoo, he needs to try out for Top Shot!!

These pumpkins were fantastic, I have got to make some, next year though!

This is the Delta King, we ate dinner inside the super fancy restaurant!


Sunday Oct. 9th-

The Happy Birthday girl.  Mom Lewis added all the bows to this hat!

What a fun trio!

 What beautiful smiles.  this was a super Party!
 Aren't we so cute?
 My Helicopter Cake!  IT not only looked great, but it tasted great.  It was a lemon cake!!
 Hank really liked the cake!

Hank sneaking a peek at Mark.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

30 Fantastic things before I'm 30!

Here goes my thirty things!
1. Buy a rocking chair-  Found it on Craigslist!
2. Buy a table and chairs-  I bought a table at my favorite thrift store, Thrift Town.  I sanded and paninted it.  I found chairs at Thrift Town aswell.  A picture to come.
3. Write a missionary each week-  I wrote to my in-laws who were serving in Germany.  I also wrote to my brother Paul, he is still serving in Sweden!
4. Plant a garden- I planted corn, lettuce, tomatoes, pumpkins and cucmbers!
5. Budget and Save-  I started saving accounts for both kids, a car savings account and a generic savings account.  Some months are better then others, but the important thing is we have them and there is money in them!
6. Floss-  Some weeks I would floss almost every day, others it would be maybe 2 times a week.
7. Read 6 books-  I read: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mocking Jay, (these first three are written by Susanne Collins), The City of Ember, The City of Sparks, and the Diamond of Dark Hold, (these last three are written by Jeanne DuPrau).
8. Go on two day trips as a family-  We went to the Exploritorium and then to the Pleasanton County Fair.  We had tons of fun at both places!
9. Go Camping with the kids and Mark- turned into going to our nieghbors Lake house.  We had lots of fun.  We went over Labor day, it was really cold the whole time, but it was fun.  I ran into Marinda Coombs, a friend from Orem H.S.  It was so fun to see her and her family at the Ward we were visiting!
10. Spend on on one time with Mark and Hank-  Ofcourse I had one on one time with Hank.  Also with Mark, but I need to make my time with Mark more meaningful. 
11. Write a poem-  I wrote a poem to my Mother-in-law, Sharon, and emailed it to her for Mothers day.
12. Build a playhouse for Hank-  Mark and I did this together.  We had so much fun! It took us about 4 months to complete it.
13. Change my hairstyle- I cut thirteen inches off and am about to donate it!  I got a slight layered look.
14. Make and keep up a first year scrapbook for Ellie- I love her little book!  I still need to put in her 7 month pictures!
15. Make a fabric town for toy cars- so this is not quite finished, I need to sew for another 20 minutes and I will be done!  Picture to come when I am done!!  It looks nothing like Michelles, but it should be fun for Hank!  I want to make him some quiet books for church too!  My old roommate made one for he some long ago, I have such good examples in my life.
16. Go to the Temple each month- so I missed August.  That is close to each month. :)
17. Refinish a piece of furniture- before I refinished the table, I found a night stand at a garage sale for $2 and I refinished it.  It is beautiful!!!  Picture below.
18. Walk 3 times a week- this was hard for some reason, so I changed it to "Go on Walks".  I need walk more.
19. Move- we moved back into the garage apartment on Marks parents property.  We love living near grandma and grandpa.  We are almost all settled.  I keep finding a better way to organize all our stuff. :)
20. Complete a personal progress value- so I came really close to this.  I need to write in my journal for two experiences, then I am all done with the Faith Value!
21. Menu plan a week or two at a time- I have been doing this for three maybbe four years, some months are better than others, I have found I am happiest when I have meals planned in advance.
22. Use the lemons to make a lemon creme pie, lemon squares and lemonade- We did make lots of Lemonade, but I never made the pie or squares.
23. Have a playhouse waming party- This was fun!  I had the party on May 10th.
24. Enter an item in the County Fair- I entered the Ghiradelli chocolate treat competition.  I did not win, but I had so much fun, it was almost as fun as winning.  Plus they gave us our entry into the fair and parking for free!  Awesome!  I will definitely be entering next year.
25. Choose 5 tips that will help in being more organized and stick with them- I only chose 4, they are: 1- Monthly go through closets, shelves, cupboards and drawers and de-junk them.   2- If it takes 30 seconds or less, do it right away.  3- don't keep all the paper.  4- Get dressed everyday, before 9 am, becasue when I am dressed and ready for the day, I do more!
26. Make Ellie something- I made her a beanie hat!  It was ready for her when she was first born, but she didn't wear it for the first couple of weeks!
27. Get back to premarriage weight- I weigh 6 pounds less than I did when I got married in 2003!  Wahoo that is cool!  I still need to tone myself up and maybe loose 10 more pounds!
28. Sale Marks motor- OK this didn't happen.  I did try.  We are still working on this.
29. Make a family tree- so I still need to do this.  I hope to get it done in the next 3 FHE's!
30. Plan my 10th wedding anniversary (2013), begin saving for it- So this will be a big surprise for Mark, the destination is decided and the moneys are starting to build up!

Monday, October 10, 2011


It has happened- I am thirty years old! Yesterday was the big day. I had a fantastic birthday weekend. Saturday- Mark took me on a huge surprise trip. We left the kids with Auntie Afton and Grandma Sharon, we rode Amtrak to Sacramento, Old Town, we ate, shopped, walked, saw some sites, got a foot massage, and we bought lots of fun things. It was a great day. For lunch we ate at an awesome Mexican restaurant called- La Terraza, yummy!! Mark got tacos and I got fajitas! Seriously- I think it is my new favorite mexican restaurant! For dinner we ate at the Delta King River Boat restaurant, we got the same dish- pork chops, mashed/ fried potatoes and veggies. I totally loved the food. The high light was the foot massage. When we got home, there were decorations all around!! I had banners, balloons and streamers, so fun. It was so great. Thanks- Afton! I don't think I have ever recieved so many birthday wishes in my life. So many of you gave me gifts, sent me cards, (beautiful ones and funny ones), flowers, photos, money, candy, emails. I truely am a lucky girl. Thank you!! I had countless Facebook birthday greetings, and an e-card. Thanks for thinking of me!! Thank you for being in my life! Sunday, my actual birthday, was fun too. I had a big birthday dinner, my Lewis clan made me Fondue. We had cheese to dip- bread, chicken, peppers, cauliflower, and apples in. It really was so good. My sister-in-law Afton, made me a cake for my birthday, She made a Helicopter cake. Wowee! It sure was tastey!!! OK about my thirty things- I will post tomorrow, I am sleepy! Good night!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My 30 Fantastic Things

So my deadline for my "30 Fantastic things Before I'm 30" is a week from today. I am almost done. I changed #13 to getting a new hairstyle, I am doing this in the next few days, I need to make the fabric town for toy cars (#15), I need to work on my personal progress (#20), I need to make a lemon creme pie (#22), I need to make my family tree and hang it on the wall in our stairway (#29). OK, I am realizing I need to work hard this week!
Good luck to me!!
Ellie helping out with Laundry!