Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Mothers Day!

I had a wonderful mothers day!!  With a slight scare and a trip to the ER.  Mark hurt his finger pretty badly while putting away chairs at Church.  The short story is his left ring finger got crushed and torn by being dragged under the stage while pushing the chair cart rack. 

Here is what it looked like after being stitched up.  I think this photo was the next day.  So scary!  Today his finger isn't sore really, just still numb.  It has been more than a month now.
Mothers day morning was so nice- the kids gave me gifts- that they had picked out just for me- Ellie gave me a Hello kitty travel cup, and Hank gave me a grabbing device.  They were so excited about the gifts- so cute.  Mark also gave me a gift- an area rug for the house!!  Awesome!!
After Church Mark and I went ahead with the plans to have Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Afton over.  I made a delicious dinner!  BBQ chicken, red potatoes, peppers, onions grilled on foil with some salt and a bit of olive oil.  With some others foods, that I can't think of now.  We did have some sort of desert too, but that has escaped my brain.
Thanks family for the best day.  Thanks for all the  spoiling.  Thanks!!  Ladies!  My mom sent me a fun wall hanging with quotes about moms!  I love it!!  My sister in law gave me some delicious pumpkin bread!  YUMMY!

The San Leandro 1st Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints- went camping!

We just woke Hank up to head to the Campsite!  He was a tad bit tired still.  Ellie was so excited to be sitting in Hanks usual car seat (in my car, but hers in the truck).  Plus we just said "OK- lets go"  This girl loves to "GO"!!
Driving to Chabot campgrounds.  So fun!

 Bishop Wuehler

FIRE!  Some of my great Primary girls!  Soon to be YW!  No fare for me.

Leo saying Hello!  Our tent is the one closest to him.

We just love Sadie!  She is with her awesome Dad.
 The Wagon came in super handy!

Laura (Hanks sunbeam teacher, me and Nicole one of the YW)

Grandpa came to the pre campfire and smores!  It was fun to have him there!
Ellie was an angel camper!
Hank had so much fun playing with this Captain America shield!  It was another kids at the campout, so nice of him to let him play with it the whole time!!

Almost all packed up and last ones out!  Thanks to Jack and Velvet for sticking around with us! 
WE had the best time at the CAMPOUT!  Hope to do it again!