Saturday, February 27, 2010

A parting which started with a party!

Last picture with Grandma and Grandpa, they leave in the morning!
He was protesting that fact! What a handsome couple, or should I say beautiful!!!
Mark drove them to the airport! I know it is silly, but I was having to stop myself from crying as I walked up the driveway. It is a great thing, serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I should have been glad!

We had a double b-day celebration for Grandpa/ Dad (Lewis) and Hank!

They both have March birthdays, the 5th and 13th, so we celebrated last night 2-26-10, becasue G-ma and G-pa leave for their mission 2-27-10! They have been gone since 9:20 this morning and we miss them lots already!

This is in reverse order! But you'll get the jist.
"Daddy, open it, hurry!!!
" Wow, I love this!" he says to himself!

Hank got a soft Dinosaur play set from his Daddy!
I am saving my gift for him for the 5th.
Hank didn't really understand the opening his gift part of the night.
Hank loves to help do the dishes!
What looks like a dress, is infact an apron, a dinosaur apron.
Hank and the Ugly Monkey, 11th month old pose!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Some More pictures of my UT trip!

Taco Bell stop before we go to the Airport! Tallie, Melissa and Me!

Hank really wanted to sleep, but it was time for Lunch!!
Abe watched him with interest!

Lance and Aunt Gretch

Aunt Debbie and Hank- what cutties!!

Working at Ralph and Julies new house!!!

Grandpa and Hank!

Hank and Abe!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More pictures from Florida!

My cousin Charleen and her husband Jason, their girls Taylor and Kayley!
We ate lunch at Taco Bell! Say Nacho Cheese!
Grams and Hank! Frosting yum!

Drawing with Daddy!

Mark decided that it was time to draw!
Hank loved the idea!
Wow, look at that kid draw!

Our trip to Florida and to Utah!

Hank loved eating in the high chais at his Great Grandma's house in Florida!
Beans are so good~

He just loved her kitty cat!

Here he is working in the garage.

He helped with the garage sale!

Playing with the Grams!

And playing with the cat!

At the airport!

Thanks to Aunt Afton for the Monkey Leash!

Oh, Hank loves powdered doughnuts! That is Kayley, my cousin Char's daughter!

Hank and I made it to Utah, here he is playing with his cousins!

Hank and Abe!

He loves to push anything!

At my parents house, we just ate some toast and scrambled eggs!

Laughing, look close you can see Hanks 5th tooth, it is small and on the left top!

Playing in a puddle!

My dad is the best for playing in the puddle with me!
Oh no, my bum is wet!

At the park!

Swingin is way fun!!

Hi there!
I see Grandma!
Look how stinkin cute he is!