Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Fun June Photos!

Hank playing on Marks chalk creation!

Hank testing out if the sun was too hot to bear walk across!

"Daddy and I love to draw with chalk."
Posing by the fatastic Chalk art design they made, here they had only begun!

Playing with sticks is super fun!!
"I smiled just for my MOMMY"
Hank is almost the same size as the tomato plant! Silly!
The end of May and June have been full and interesting, Hank has been pretty sick about half of the time, Mark and I have been sick for about a week or so each, but no worries, we are having fun and doing just fine!

Monday, June 14, 2010

More of the Quick Utah Trip!

Julie and Ralph, Sarah Gifford, Me and all of our kids went to Barn Country at Thanksgiving Point in Utah! We started out looking at the Donkeys. Hank wasn't too sure what to think or do when he first met the donkeys, especially this one. However, this Donkey knew what he wanted to do. Eat, apparently anything he could reach. No damage occured to the stroller.

I missed Ralph helping Hank feed a Llama. But this was what he was like afterwards. He wanted to get away. The Llamas lips were so soft, I don't understand why Hank didn't like it.

This was actually taken before the Llama drama!
Hannah loved feeding the animals. Isn't that Llama so cute!
Ralph feeding the big goat. He put the corn on his head, Ta-da!
This goat would bully all the little ones. Not very nice!
Party in the Park- for the June bugs!
Happy birthday Tallie, Dad, Rachel and Sarah-
Here is Tallie posed with a photo box, that I made her!
It is filled with pictures of her and I throughout the past 15 years or so!
We are both 28 now! Wowee! We are almost 30!
Hank goes down the slide, all by himself!

All the big kids that were able, playing Ultimate Frisbee!

Grandpas favorite thing- His Grand-kids!
Rachel (my sis.) took lots of pictures for me, while I was playing Ultimate!
Thanks Rae! You are the Best!!

A quick trip to Utah!

Hank- He sure has lots to say lately. I don't know always what he wants, which leads to screams, mine are all mental, Hanks are actual. We are working on communicating with this Big Boy. One of Hanks nick names is Boss Man!

Here he is jumping at my brother Ralphs house.

Amber trying to bounce Hank! Ralph is the safety monitor.
Here's my mom feeding Hank some Taco Soup, just before they drove us to the airort. The soup has Hanks favorites in it:

Tomatoes, corn, and black beans.
Lunch with Sarah was great! Hank made sure to show his fussy side to his Aunt! She still loves him though! Here we are posed on my parents lawn!

Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Hot! What's a #3, and being silly!

OK- summer is here! It has been hot the last few days! I love the temperature to be 67-71 degrees. I get cranky when it is hot. Since I am an adult, I can pretend I am not cranky! So don't worry if you are around me when it is hot! I won't lash out at you!

Hank is all better, but our poor little guy has a cold now, green snot is pretty gross! Green snot, lets give that a number, how about 4! Picking up where we left off. Hehehehe!! My brother was giving me a hard time about calling diarrhea #3's. What should be a #5?
Here is a picture of me trying to make Hank laugh! Yes, that is belt around my head! I know, I am a nut case! I even took a picture of myself to prove it!