Monday, December 23, 2013

December fun with the Lewises!

Counting down to Hank and Grandpa Brents birthdays in March 2014 and everything since Oct. 1st 2013!

At the Temple!
Temple hill lights.
Primary sugar cookie baking at Sis. Lewises house!
Wrapping up Hank and giving him kisses!
After Church yesterday!  Ellies dress is so pretty!  Thanks Granny!
Jelly bean counting with Daddy!
Make believing together!
I found Ellie like this, and said, is there a big mess in the hall closet, she said yes.
And there was!
Come and have fun with us!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Newsletter!

We Lewises are doing quite well, keeping busy, working hard and having fun!

Mark has worked for three companies this year- Beci Electric, Bechtel, and PDE (Pacific Datta Electric) as a Journeyman Electrician.  He is currently still with PDE at the Lawrence Lab in Berkeley, at the Cal University, for just a few more days, then he will be laid off for awhile, so if you need any Electrical or Handing Man work done, give us a call or email us!
Mark is Elders Quorum President in our ward- which entails helping people move, teaching once a month or so, attending meetings, Home Teaching and visiting people in the ward!  He has many opportunities to serve!  Which has blessed our family!
Mark has been building Ellie a doll house the last three months, he is almost done.  It is beautiful. (Picture below).  I am in-charge of the inside and furnishings.  It is looking really great.  She chose to have a blue house.  I have picked all the room colors.

Gretchen (that's me) has continued teaching Joy School on Mondays and my wonderful friend- Leanne teaches Thursdays.  We have 4 fun, smart kids that keep our lessons, activities and play time "hoppin"!  I have been exercising like a mad woman lately.  I am really enjoying it!  I take Ellie to therapy (thanks to Grandma Sharon for watching Hank).  I play Ultimate most Saturdays mornings!  Love it!  I try and keep the frig full, the laundry done, the house clean, and organized!  I always seem to have things to do!  To add to that- I start school on Janurary 6th 2014, at Cal State East Bay- in Hayward.  I am going to finish my BA in liberal studies.  I am 98 % excited and 2% scared or is it the other way around!
This year has been a huge health focus year for me.  I began a traction program at the Chiropractor's office (Dr. MacChesney in San Leandro) which has helped me.  My neck was at a 0 degree instead of a 40 degree curve.  I no longer get headaches like I did- which was almost daily.  In March I had a hernia repaired.  In July Mark bought me a Gym Membership!  That has been so wonderful.  In October I got shoe inserts for my high arches- which has helped my knee pain. I just love taking care of my health!  Take my word for it- getting healthy feels good and is worth the time and the cost!

I loved reading the book of Mormon this year!  Our stake President challenged us to read it a certain way- looking for the words Power, Strength and Grace.  It was awesome to be a part of that!  I love being Primary President in our ward!  The last two months I have taken every opportunity to serve, and it has been so fulfilling!  You really can loose yourself in service!

Hank is wearing 6T and 7T clothes and a size 12/13 shoe.  He is growing so much!  He will have his Golden Birthday this March- turning 5 on the 5th!  Mark and I are amazed with his rhyming capabilities- he is a natural!  One of the Joy school songs called "Oodle Caboodle"- started the whole thing.  Also calling him Hank the Tank while he was still inside me, may have something to do with it too.

He loves to draw, play with his sister, ride his tricycle, build fires with rocks and sticks!  Being outside is always way more fun with Hank!  He sees things that others might miss.  He loves to run, pretend to be a ninja, and eat!  This kid, loves breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks!  He truely fits in this family!

Ellie is talking so much!  Thanks to so much speak Therapy!  My favorite phrase she has said is, "That girl nice".  She loves to play with friends- her best buddies are Sadie and Ava.
Ellie is 2, but just for 2 more months!  February 26th, we will have a 3 year!  Ellie absolutely loves babies!  She points babies out to me at stores and parks and at Church searches for Baby Norah.  She has so much fun with her baby doll and her baby bear.  I get to swaddle them up for her and she carries them around!   She also loves to draw!

Ellie still has three kinds of therapy- Occupational (OT), Physical (PT) and Speach.  We receive Therapy services through CA Childrens Services now, in September we started seeing new OT and PT therapists.  We have the same Speach Therapist.  It was so hard to leave Deanna and Ashley from Kaiser, but we are so thankful for our new Therapists!  And are so happy to get to work with Nicole still.  I really believe Ellie wouldn't be talking like she is, without her awesome Therapist Nicole and the others, you need balance to be able to speak clearly and loud enough for people to hear you!   I could say so much more!  But that will do!

Here is a big hug and happy wishes for you and your family!  Make 2014 worth it!

Love- Mark, Gretchen, Hank and Ellie