Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Friday!

Ellie had so much fun playing with this toy.  She did get frustrated too, but most had fun.  She knows how to close the lids!

Here- Therapist Deana is showing us Ellie's homework moves to practice.  She should us with the balck haired doll.  Which Ellie thought tasted yummy.

Having fun!  Daddy always comes up with fun activities!!

All I want for Christmas is healthy happy kids!  Which I got!  Thank you!  They were sick before and after Chirstmas.  But happy and healthy a couple days before Christmas and 1/2 of Monday after Christmas!!
 We have been working on "GOING" in the POTTY!  We have had some successful pottty trips.  Soon, once everyone is well, we will do a few days in a row of staying home, wearing underroos and seeing what happens.  I imagine, lots of changing underwear, some crying, and frustration.  We'll let you know when we start.  This picture was taken, about a week before Christmas!  He went #1 and #2.  It was so awesome!
 This was "bun" aka fun!  Hank got to go on the ride swings, without going to an amusement park.  Life is good being the son of Mark Lewis!  FYI-  Noone was harm during this experiment :)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We got a great big box full of gifts in the Mail today!
The present Mark is holding was making all sorts of noise.
Hank was listening intently.

Ellie Jean eating her snacks!  Cucmbers and pretzels, yummy!

Posinng just before our Christmas Eve Feast!
 Ellei was looking at Afton, in each photo!  Auntie Afton's great!
 So, Ellie had been pretty sick for about 10 days before Christmas, she really wanted to taste the ribs, so we let her.  She mostly sucked on it, but got a little bit in her mouth.  She is 10 months, that is almost old enough.
 Singing Star Bright accompanied by the Autoharp!
 Singing is fun!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Christmas Newsletter

2011 has been a wonderful year. We had a week stay-vacation early February, where we went to the Exploritorium in San Francisco and ate out, got some home maintainence done and made time to relaxed.  It was a great week.  Later in February, on the 26th, Ellie Jean was born.  She had a tough start, but she is stronger for it, as are Mark and I.  I bet we could say the same for many of you reading this letter!  Prayers and fasting work miracles.  We welcomed home Mom and Dad Lewis, they served an honorable mission in Germany.  We have had a missionary year- with Mom and Dad serving in Germany, our cousin Kyal Allphin who is serving in Northern CA, his first area was San Leandro, he ate at our house his first day on the mission.  We were able to feed him a couple times a month sometimes more.  It was so fun having him in our ward.  And my Brother Paul Edward Hinkson is serving in Sweeden as a Full time missionary!  We get to communicate with him via email.  We continue to rent out our home, on Durant Ave.  Just a few blocks away from where we live.  We have so enjoyed our 8 plus years of living so close to family.  2012 will bring a new adventure, with a move to come.

Hank turned 2 years old on March 5th.  He is such a smart kid!!  We go to story time at the library most every week.  He loves to suggest to Miss Tina the Story time librarian to sing "row, row a boat".  He surprises me with how many songs he knows.  It is amazing how well he speaks.  When he turned 2, he could say one word maybe two words at a time.  Now he says things like, "no, Mines not sleepy, Mom, can I watch a show".  OR, "Please, mom, kill Pirates with me".   It is amazing.  He loves his Nursery class at Church, he has a great imagination, loves to play with Legos, to watch shows, to play at the Park, and go to the Zoo (which we do lots, sometimes 3 times a month!)  He loves his little sister Ellie, he gives her kisses everyday.  We are lucky to have Hank!

Ellie is just 6 days away from being 10 months old.  She is so much fun.  She is a big ray of sunshine!  Her smile brings more love and happiness than we deserve.  She can sit, roll, bark, oh wait no that is the dog next door.  Well she can sit, roll around, pivet on her tummy, she just started to pull up onto small things like a low toy box, to see what she could grab.  She loves to make a mess while eating, she loves it when we sing songs!  She is litterally the best!

Mark is enjoying his time off from school before his last semester of electrical apprentincing.  He has worked so hard!  Getting pretty much straight A's during his 4.5 years of schooling.  Half a year to go.  Keep him in your prayers while he is finishes up this January thru May!  Mark has tackled a big project this past summer- The Chevy.  He and our friend Jack worked on the Malibu for hours this summer.  Hank was there to help out the guys too.  It is still a work in progress, but it is getting closer to being his dream car.  Mark keeps busy with Church being the Sunday School Pres.  He just headed up our wards Christmas party, which was awesome.   I am so lucky to be married to him.  He loves me so much!  I am blessed.

OK- I had a great year.  I got used to being a mom of two so quickly, it was like I always had two.  Well, I am sure I am forgetting a weary day here and there.  But I seemed to slip into a good routine with Hank and Ellie.  I am still always trying to get things organized.  I have donated more things to CARH and the DI trailer than I can count- this being the reason we could fit back into the apartment.  Which we are so blessed to live in.  I turned 30 this year and had a wonderful celebration.  I accomplished almost all my goals, still need to make a family tree display!  I keep busy with trips to Costco, Target, Safeway, the Zoo, the many Parks in good old San Leandro,Tuesday night YW activities, doing my Personal Progress, keeping and caring for home and family, playing and pretending with Hank!  My life is good!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and the BEST new Year!  Take some time to Thank your Heavenly Father for your blessings and for his son Jesus Christ.  We are so blessed because of him.  Be thankful for the reason for this wonderful season!  Our Savoirs birth is worth celebrating!  Our family goal and Gift for Jesus this year is to have FHE every single week! 

Love the Lewis Family

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Great NEWS!

Great NEWS!
Hank can blow his nose!  Wahoo!  It is a fantastic day!!!  It is not so fantastic that his nose is running, but he can blow that nose of his now!  Wahoo.  I have been telling Hank- "You are a big boy, you can walk, talk, and blow your nose!!!  Now you just need to go potty in the toilet and you are set"

OK some other great news is I found a library book I thought I had lost-  BUGS, BUGS, BUGS.  If you have a chance borrow it from your local library, the drawings in it are fabulous!

OK here are some photos!  I just love posting photos!

She absolutely loves baby smooshed pureed peas!
Most other things she eats are regular people fruits and veggies that I prepare for her!

He has a cold, he stayed in this chair for a half hour or so, making puppy sounds.  I would interject once in awhile things like, "what a cute doggy", and "Are you ok puppy?"  He loved it!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What title to give.

OK, I can't seem to control where the photos are at.  But they are cute people in the photos so I guess it doesn't matter!!!                                 Hank loves Legos!  Here he is with a Ship his daddy constructed.  Wowee!  Guess what Hank is getting for Christmas?                             
Holy Moly!  Ellie is getting so talented!  She can stay in the crawl position for a few seconds.  We put her in the position.  She is getting so good at moving around, she can scoot and pivet and roll like a champ.

At Grandma Sharons!

At the park with Grandma!

Santa Baby!