Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On Friday Ellie rode her Bike all the way to Grandmas house.  About 3 blocks.

Today is Wednesday, and just a few minutes ago, Ellie says to me, "Mom what's for dinner?"  
I said, "Mashed cauliflower, baked chicken legs, corn on the cob and yams."
She said, "I don't like that anymore, I did when I was a baby."

She is amazing!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

May has been super so far!

Family came to visit!  We went to San Francisco!

 We had friends over to play on Cinco de Mayo!  Here is our favorite person these days- Norah, my girl-friends daughter.  I actually held Norah just 5 hours after she was born, Oct. 16th 2013.  What a special experience that was!  I sure love Norah and her family!
 Polar Bear swim for Hank and Ellie in the kiddie pool, first thing in the morning one day!  Hank got his feet wet, Ellie decided against it!
Hank wasn't quite ready to smile!

Visit to Danville to see Aunt Janet!  We love you ladie!  What a perfect bunch!!
 Mothers day is my favorite part of May!  Being Spoiled!!
 Planning after breakfast!
I love being their mom!
 Cute buns!!  I love her outfit!
 Hank is looking rather square.
 This was a hit with my family, this was my plate, everyone else had rice instead of Quinoa.  I plan on mixing theirs next time half rice half quinoa.   It was delicious!!