Monday, April 16, 2012

We had a Hippity Happy Easter!

So we had a great Easter weekend.  We loved our Church egg hunt and brunch Sat. morning.  We enjoyed Church the next day.  We were able to watch the new videos of Christs atonement on  The spirit touched our hearts.  We are grateful for our Savior.  Mark and I learned new things about some symbols of Easter, one interesting trivia is that eggs represent Christs resurrection.  IT is nice that we can now see an egg and thing of our Saviors grandest gift to us, the chance to repent.  Lets take the millions of chances we recieve to become better.   :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Track Meet Friends!

Janet invited us to Julianna's track meet.  We had a great time, didn't get to see Julianna run, bummer!

Hank was quite silly-excited.  He wouldn't cooperate for a photo opp.
 Funny little guy!
 There we go, the golden smile!
 Still being silly!
 Snapped this one just after buckling the kids in the car.  Turned out sparkling, right?
Janet and I have been friends since I moved to Sunny Northern CA.  She and I worked together at my first job after high school!  We were Lunch ladies at a school.  The best of times!

We flew kits

Hank and Grandpa Brent flying kites.  Grandpa had a birthday on March 13th, part of his present was to go kite flying!  We had so much fun.  First we went to lunch at Taco Bell, then flew kites.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for flying kites!  We flew kites about two weeks after his b-day.

Here Hanks kite is swooping down, it crashed!

 Hank crashed too.

Grandpa was a Professional kite flyer!  His kite got the most air time!!

Ellie really loved watching the kites fly.  She slept in her carrier during most of our kite adventure!

Oh no, after we had loads of fun flying kites, we did a Charlie Brown and got one of the kites stuck in a tree.  Dad (Grandpa) tried to get it down, but it was really stuck!

Trying to climb up to get the kite!
 That is about as high up the tree he got.
 The girls had so much fun!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March came in like a Lion!

I love musicals!!  One of the best is, Seven Brides for seven brothers.  None of these photos have anything to do with it, but, I was thinking about that show. 

Pullinng up! She did it!
 Watching conference!!

Trip to the Zoo!

Cute Girls!

Look closely, what do you see?

Alligators!  Yes, and boy oh boy, were they putting on a show for us today. 

 We also enjoyed the Lemers!

Leaping Lemers!  Well, he was resting, but he can totally leap.

Ellies the bestest!

 Playing in Ellies bed!

 Helping Daddy with the Chevelle Malibu!

 Playin in the rain.  So fun!!

 Dressed for Church!  First time wearing pony tails.

Cute girl.
 After taking Ellies ponies out.  Crazy hair.

 Playing at Therapy!!

 Hank playing at Therapy!