Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To the ZOO and beyond!

Wow, is that a monkey or a racoon, neither it's a Leemer!

Usually these guys are hiding when we come to visit them!

This Trip to the Zoo we brought our friends Emily and Amanda with us!

We had a great time! Hank sure loves them!!

Emily held Ellie for me while Hank and I rode the Merry-go-round!

Cheese, or not-

I have never seen Hank happier than while he was on driving this jeep!
Wowee, he was beaming!

This photo turned out perfect!
"Thanks Daddy" for grabbing the camera!

BOXES, who knew they could be so fun? Mark did!!

We have loads of fun, come on bye and see!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ellie working with Julia-

her Occupational Therapist!

Julia is truely awesome!

Ellie just loves her!

Usually they work on a large clinic bed, but we were in a differnt room this time. So Julia was getting some Yoga moves in for exercise!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I made it with time to spare and more to go!

So this past Thursday I weighed myself and to my utter delight I weighed the same as I did when Mark and I got married! (CHECK- #16 on my 30 things list!) I wahoo-ed for JOY! Hank and Ellie were so surprised by my Wahoo-ing that they started smiling and giggling too! I got to my goal weight with time to spare, my birthday deadline for my 30 things is in 2 months from yesterday.

I still have more to go, but I am quite pleased!

Here are some pictures of Hankie and Ellie Girl-

Here Hank is playing at the Beach with some friends!

We had a great time! Hank loved digging and then flipping the sand out of the shovel!

She loves to stand, she's got some strong legs!