Sunday, July 31, 2011

The last half of July was Super fun!

Family trip to the PARK!

Ellie slept...

While we had fun running, spinning, swinging, playing on the structure and being silly.
We have a favorite PARK now!

A few days before the trip to the park, we had some friends over and made we made MASKS!

Hank posing with his friends Mia and Norah!

Pretend his mask looks exactly like Baby Jaguar from "Go Diego Do". It sounds more masculan to be a Jaguar than a kitty Cat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

They sure like eachother- that's so Lucky!

Ellie just loves Hank!

And he just loves her!

Isn't she so cute!

Hank with his "Tape"

I hope you get a small understanding of how much fun it is at our house!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ellies Big News!!

Ellie had her EEG (brain test) on Tuesday morning, we got the results this past Thursday late afternoon. The EEG came out normal, meaning she hasn't been having any sub clinical seizure, WAHOO! We started weaning her off her anti seizure medicines Thursday night and she will be medicine free before Grandma and Grandpa are back from their mission in Germany. Wahoo!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The last week or so has been full of smiles!

Hank is so please that he got M&M's! His prize for pooping on the potty! This was his second time. Wahoo Hank!!

Mark has been working so hard this summer putting his Malibu together!

Soon we will hear a Vroom vroom!!

Ellie just loves her Daddy!

Mark just loves her!

Her first bath without a baby bath tub! She loves baths!!

Hank all ready for Church! Isn't he so cute with that tie on! Too bad he wouldn't wear it, I don't know how I got such a great smile out of him. He was crying while I put it on, while he had it on and while I took it "oss" (off).

He is such a cutie!

Wow she is such a perfect little pink Angle.

Big Girl Ellie in her walker! She loves sitting in it! And sucking on the wavey track and the toys!

Zoo, Zoo, Trip to the Zoo! Trip to the Zoo with Auntie!

Afton took a day off work to go with us to the Zoo!

It was such a nice day!!

Hank really likes Elephants and Giraffes!

Isn't she cute!!!?

We got a season pass to the Zoo, and guess what Grandma Sharon, we put your name as the second Adult on the pass, so get ready to go to the Zoo! Is September 23rd the day after you get home to soon to go for a picnic and eat bye the elephants!! Just kidding!

We can totally wait a week or so before we go to the Zoo with Grandma. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This week has been a singing week!

While I was just nrusing Ellie, Hank was playing with his mega blocks. He began singing, "tinkle tinkle wittle star, what a are?" His little voice is just so perfect. I want to remember his cuteness forever!

The reason I said this week has been a singing week, is because I have been singing more and more to Hank and Ellie. In the car we like to sing the "Itzy bitzy spider", and "It's a Web, Like a Spiders Web", HAnk calls it the spider web song, we also like "Dancing in our bones" and "Horsey, Horsey on our way!" We also love to sing theme songs to shows, like "Go Diego Go" and "Super Why" and "Backyardigans." There are so many wonderful songs!! All the singing has really been getting Hank to sing along! I love it!

Try and make your week a singing week too! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day trip to the Fair! (30 things item- check!)

I entered the Ghiradelli chocolate dessert competition at the Fair! (30 things-check, check!)

During the competition tasting, Ellie and I played!

Wow- big chicken!

We saw lots of birds, and lots of....


Cute girl!

What do you think is in this nice cage?

Sick- Cockroaches! These are my least favorite insect, infact, I hate them!

Hank and Daddy! Checking out the train exhibit!

Hankie amazed by some of the animals in the livestock pavillion!

Our good friend Scott Green and his Girly friend- Kristen, she wanted to carry Ellie around, it was a nice break! Thanks Kristen!

Wowee, look at those cakes! Way cool!

So there is my dessert (just left of my head), called, "Stove Only P.B Oats and Choc. Bars!"

I didn't place, but I had lots of fun! And I learned some ways to do better next time!
What a fun trip!

Ellie can hold her head up perfectly!

This was the very end of June! Playing while Mommy was on the computer!

Sharing cars with Hankie! Check out the slobber!

Talking away at her Mamma!

Hank entertaining us! Look at her stand too!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ellie- the 4 month old cutie-pie!

Which one is Ellie, it is hard to tell, they are both making the same facial expression. The baby doll is wearing one of Ellie's and Hank's new born pj's. So, as you can see, Ellie sure has grown!

Ellie's first time going down a slide!

She loves to stand! This girl has a never ending supply of smiles.

In her Sunday best, right after Church!! She had some Yellow booties on too, but she's an expert at wiggling them off.