Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hank gets two parties, wowee!

Happy Bithday to Hank with another Party!
On March 5th Hanks birthday, we had Easter Egg Hunt with Lots of His Friends!
 We had the Hunt first, but the photos went up in the wrong order. 

I made his cake, it was delicious!

 Group photo, not everyone got in the picture.

After the hunt, I gave all the kids a few minutes to check out their egg loot!
Then we opned gifts. 
Then we ate Lunch- we did a Nacho Bar.  It was great!

That dirt hill had eggs scattered on it. 

One of our buddies went to the top to get one of the eggs for another friend.  How nice!
Most of the eggs have been found!
Show me your eggs?
Sadie did!
 Kaitlyn too!
 Check out those cute kids!

 She had so much fun.  This little sweatheart, waiting to get home and share all her eggs with her brother.  So so so sweat! 

Hanks showing me his eggs!

 The Hunt is over.  this is wear we went in to open gifts- seen above.
The parties almost done.
Last few minutes of playing together!
stretching the slinky!
So awesome!

Hank's 4th birthday Pirate Party!

Most of you probably don't know this, but Pirates love Pizza.
We asked Hank if he wanted Costco Pizza, or mommies homemade pizza, and he said he wanted my pizza, that made me feel good. 
Here is a quick glance at Pirate Captain Hank!
He took his pirate apparel off to open gifts! 
Hank and Mark get to read some fun books together!

Ellie found the best seat in the house, and here we've got Mark holding Hanks birthday PJ loot.
Opening presents is way fun to do!  Hank got 5 puzzles, one of which was a wooden pirate puzzle, and we also gave him a felt ABC train with tracks.  Pretty neato.  Here Hank is showing us his awesome Imaginext guy that goes with his castle set.  Way cool!!
Here is Afton and Hank with the awesome cake Afton made!
Hank is stunned by the amazing cake.

Look at that cake, totally awesome!
Thanks Afton for spoiling him rotten with a pirate party!

"Happy Birthday Captain Hank" says first mate Auntie Afton!

Arrrr....Lighting the candles- I mean cannons.

 Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates life for me!

 What do you do with a Scurvy Pirate, well two scurvy pirates?  Take their picture!!! 

 These Pirates are a little drunk.  (Just kidding- tee hee hee)
I think Mark was taking the picture of Grandma and Grandpa while I was getting one of him with his eye patch on.  Mark gave us all a little trivia on why pirates would wear eye patches.  Most Pirates had both their eyes, they would keep one covered, so when they went below deck and it was all dark, they could just move the patch to the other eye and be able to see in the dark under deck.  Cool!

Starting something new- Copying someone Great!

I hope to periodically post what a friend of mine calls Wordless Wednesdays.  This friend is Kaylene Myers!  She posts super cute photos of her family, but writes nothing.  Making blogging more simple!  Which is what I am seeking sometimes, simplicity.

Enjoy the Wordless Wednesdays to come, starting tomorrow.

Have fun!!  :) Gretch