Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Montery Bay Aquarium part 2

The blue swirly cylinders were a game.  You pushed on them and it made squids on a screen move around.  It was super fun!
 The squids were awesome to watch.
 This is my favorite picture!

A little ways down from the aquarium there is a beach area, this mural is there- pretty great!

Ellie teasing Hank! Pretty funny!

 I was so brave!  The water was cold, but it was so amazing.  I do love the beach.

 We did a little exploring on the rocks, danger!!  But we were careful.

Hank took this photo.  Nice work son!  I was pretending to be a wild animal, a happy one!

 Look at this other cute wild beach sand animal!!

 Off collecting treasures.
 The treasure loot!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A day trip to the "Monmery" Aquarium- part 1

Hank had the best time.  We all did.  Almost once a day, he asked me if we can go to the Monmery Aquarium again.  I say- "You want to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium?"
"Ya- I love it."  When looking for coupons on line, which I never found, bummer, we thought about spending twice as much as one day admission for a season pass, but we opted no, because of the drive to get there.
Because of this boy, I wish we would have gotten season passes!  He so wants to go again.
He is like me, he loves Fish and sea life.

 The tide pool cove! 

Here comes the tide!
Just before the tide came in again. It would come about every minute or so.
Touch and Play! 
 My brave girl.
 Ellie with "Daddy" checking out something great.

The Rays are so fun.  There is a touch pool, and I was able to touch a bat ray, very cool! 
He was so playful! 

 These fish are just so wonderfully fun looking.
 This guy creeped up on us, he is rather large and grumpy/ mean looking.  He and I became friends.

 The boys checking out a boat, Mark would love to have his own boat. 
The underside of the boat.
 Watching the large Tank with Turtles, Dolphin Fish, Hammer Head Sharks and  (large) Tunas
The sunlight shining through was beautiful when the creatures would swim into it.
 A Seahorse. 
There were so many beautiful seahorses, this is just one of the many kinds.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Family photo!

Here's for Tradition!  We have started taking photos on the Saturday before Easter!  Last year and this!  Usually Ellie is happy to have her photo taken, not sure what's up!

Monday, April 1, 2013