Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hank let me paint his face!

He wanted to wash it right off.  :)  Silly boy!  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

10th Anniversary Trip!

Mark planned our trip, it was a surprise for me.  For my 30 Before 30, I had started planning and saving for this trip, thinking I would do a surprise for Mark, but he took on the job, and I loved the anticipation and surprise.  He took me to Crescent City, CA.  To the Redwood and Elk Country.  We had a blast!

  Hermit Crabs!  So fun!  I saw a lobster too, hiding amongst the rocks.

We stayed at an Awesome Inn. Hotel, the Lighthouse Inn!  
Check it out and stay there if you have the chance.  This is the Local lighthouse, I snapped this photo of it!
Our Inn was decorated with Lighthouse stuff, but wasn't shaped like a lighthouse, we had a nice room!  We ate at all the best places in town.  

Mark and I were hiking off the trail here.  We were so hot, but I didn't want to encounter any Spiders or other insects while we were pushing through foilage and such.  So I kept my hood on!  I was so sweaty.  We were searching for the Grove of Titans, but didn't find it.  Maybe one of you can!