Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hanks coming to get me!

Day to Day pictures!

Hanks hair is really long!
"Just had a bath, and I feel good" thinks Hank.

Mark and Hank happily awaiting dinner!

Avocados are yummy in my tummy!

I sure love these popcorn tins!

Thanksgiving and Hank took some steps!

Sharon made her delicious rolls and more!
Mark marinated & BBQ some meats for the feast!

I made pies!!! Pumpkin and a Berry Pie! Quite scrumptious!

Hank enjoyed some rolls, cauliflower and stuffing. We
also let him taste some Ham, he seemed to really like it!!
These two women just love Hank too much!!
If that is even possible!
So Hank took his first real steps by himself Friday after Thanksgiving! It was amazing. Around lunch time Aunt Afton and I were playing with Hank amongst some Christmas Popcorn tins and he walked from one tin to another. It was so exciting. I know life will only get crazy active now, but it is ok, he was and is so fun to watch and care for!! He has taken many steps since November 27th including several more that day, so Mark saw him walk lots.