Friday, March 23, 2012

Nitz came to visit!

Please meet Flor and Nitz Palma.
they are great family friends from when I was a small child. 

 They live in the Philipines, but are here visiting CA!
Hank was waken from his nap- the reason for the sad face.

Happy girls!

I love this lady!!

When I was Hanks age, Nitz would hug and kiss me and my siblings just the way she hugged and kiss my kids!  She was like an Aunt to us.  It is amazing how even though you don't see people you love for 15 or 20 years, that love is always there.   I just love you NITZ.  Thanks for your visit! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ellie and Me!

Each day I say to Ellie, "wants some milk?"  Her reply is a happy fussy sound, it is so sweet.

Happy girls!

Licking frosting off of Ellie.  She was laughing so much.
Now, are you thinking, "gross" or "I have done that to my kids too."

December 2011 we went to Zoo lights.

Cute girls!

Feeding Ellie something delicious! (Oct '11)

I had just cut my hair.  (Oct. '11)
Time Flies and hair grows!

Early September 2011, I sanded and painted this table.
 Now, it is green and used everyday!

I needed to be the star today!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hank turned 3- wowee!

He just saw his totally awesome cake, wow.

Cool, right?  Afton has done it once again.

This is totally awesome!  Tents and tunnels all in one, what else could you want?

She sure was laughing.  Ellie has so much fun with Auntie Afton and Grandma.

Maybe more presents!

like Lego Star wars pj's!
Hank had a great birthday! 
THANK YOU to all those family and friends who made Hanks birthday even better!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

playdough, standing and dishes are all super fun!

So this morning while Hank made a Volcano with his playdough, Ellie was practicing her moves on the floor and I washed the dishes!  At one point Hank said, "Mom come see this!"  I came and then he said, "look at my colcano!"  The he put one of the containers for the playdough ontop of his volcano and he said, "my colcano has a hole-met, it's a person colcano."

Pretty cool, right?  He makes me laugh.  I was just asking him what he made out of the playdough this morning and he said, "a volcano".  So he already figured out how to say it right.  I always wish that the fun words kids make up would last longer!!

Have  a fun day!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Hank in February!

"Can I watch a show, please?"

Bob the Builder!

 This poor little guy got really sick there for several days.  He missed church two weeks in a row. 

 Itchy water eyes, sneezing, runny nose and coughs, no fair,

 Lots of shows and lots of tylenol.

Here is bath time for Hank.  We fill up this container, right in the shower stall. 
It works really well!!!  He gets all clean and shinny.

He sure is handsome.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where we live

OK, some of you have wondered about how we have fit ourselves back in the above garage apartment, check it out.  I added the pictures in the wrong order, I meant to start with the entrance to the apartment!  We love our cozy home.  We are planning on moving sometime near August, this year.  Wish us luck, that is coming up quick!!

So this is most of the bathroom, we have a shower stall, not include, oops, maybe next time.

This is the hallway, bedroom door is closed on the left, the kids were sleeping!  I didn't post the bedroom, another time perhaps.

Here is our wall to wall and floor to ceiling shelving unit that we starting building 6 months after we got married, it took us 4 or so years to get it like that.  We have ideas to finish it up, but never do.

Here is Ellies special spot.  She loves eating!!

Here is the toy box and play area~  The mirror is at the perfect heighth for Hank-a-saurous!

Here is where we put our feet up and rest!  Our couch is a big bean bag and a Mark built a wooden couch frame with wheels so we can move it around with ease. 

The view from the kitchen into the dinning area.

Here is a good view of the dinning area.

Here is the view into the kitchen from the doorway by Ellies highchair and the frige.

Our frige and Microwave!  I have the skill of using every place I can find to store things.  Like my scriptures go behind the microwave on the frige.  We got loads of photos on our frig,  Hey- you might be on it!!  Come visit and see!

Here is our door to the outside world, and you can check yourself out, just before you leave in this cute mirror!!  Don't forget to wear your hat!

We use to keep our keys at the top of the stairs, then I had a great idea!!!  I love it.

Don't you just love rainboots?  Come again!!