Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ellies birthday celebrations!

Ellies Therapists gave her a little party! Cupcakes and balloons!


Ellies actual birthday. 
Good Morning!
 Daddy helped me change in to my new clothes, then he was off to work!
My birthday party was super fun!  My mommy and daddy gave me some art supplies- Do a Dot art!!
New PJ's from Auntie Afton!
Check out Hank the party ghost!!
Auntie gave Ellie a baby doll bed!
 She just loves her baby bed!

Waiting for her cupcakes!

  The next day a package from Granny (my mom) came!
A picnic basket!  Thirsty anyone?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some photos from February!

Here is my cute little girl!!  Oatmeal is our go to breakfast.

For FHE one night around Chinese new Year we made this dragon.  It was super fun.  This is a few days later, after it had dried up and was ready to handle.

Mark and I went to see the Hobbit in January.  We were still in the mood for all the Lord of the Rings gang, so we made a choice and watched all the shows, it took us a few days, here is Ellie camping out in one of our drawers, which has since been taken a part.  she was showing me her foot, I think I smell something stinky, do you?
 Hank loved the shows.  He asked me one afternoon while we were still in the middle of one of the shows.  "Can we watch the show with that guy who climbs on the mountains, and says precious"?  Pretty cute!!

 Ellie is all done watching shows!  "Out please".

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A trip to UTAH!

We didn't get to see all those we wished we could have seen.  We miss you and, please forgive us. 
Check out what we did while we were in Utah!
Here is our trip to UT, in reverse order.  The night before we left.  Sarah Lewis, helped me put the kids to bed for the second night!  Thanks so much for all the fun Sarah, and help!

 We met Chelsea (my niece) and Auntie Debbie (Marks sister) for Lunch.  Auntie Sarah picked us up and we went to the Cheese Cake Factory!  We had a great time!!  Thanks for the snacks- Debbie!!!Lunch was so delicious!  We got the Chicken Enchiladas and some pasta with Mariara.
 Here Hank is showing his tummy for some reason. (Sunday night).  This kid did great with pretty much no naps for a whole week.  He was pretty silly and quite wild, but he had so much fun with all the cousins and aunts, uncles and grandpatents!!
Cyn and me!

Ellie had just been crying!  Sad girl, but no she is happy!!  Cute Cynthia!
 This is the big luncheon after Church.  We had a great time.  Bye this Day, Ellie was doing better with the big group of people.  She sure cried alot.  Sorry to all the Hinkson/ Gifford clan, she meant no offense.  :)
Say cheese, Gretchen is snapping photos again!
Hi there to Nick, Tallie and Tiana!!

 This was Saturday, lunch time.  Ellie did pretty well, climbing the stairs on this trip.  Here she is posing with Granny!!
 Sisters wearing glasses!  Cute!

Rachel was the greatest Aunt!!  She played countless games with the kids.  She is awesome.  Rae- you deserve a prize!!  Here they are in Ralph and Julies basement getting ready to play a game.


 Here is Bruce, Friday night!  He just loved giving Ellie girl hugs!  They had so much fun.

 Playing in the snow on Friday afternoon!  Super fun. 
We did it, we made a snowman!  That was Hanks one goal.
This is Thursday night, arm wrestling use to be my forte, but all my brothers are grown up and stronger than me.  I might have been able to beat Lukes broken arm, but we didn't try.  Not worth the wrisk, just for me to win!  :)

Cute blurry girls!!

Tickel tickel tickel!

I had everyone posing left and right!!  Cute one of Paul- the retuen missionary and Sariah in the stripes!!  so much fun.  Just look at Ian, he is great!

 Grandpa with Ez and Abe!
 Say cheese!  Looking good Luke!
So much fun, so much laughing!!

 Thursday, we played in the snow.  These two did lots of sitting and eating snow!
Hank was so excited about playing in the snow!! 
We had so much fun!!  We sure missed our daddy though.