Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The last few days this week we......

...made a Turkey Pizza for dinner

...played a little too rough with Ellie.
...wore Daddies helmet.
Hank loves to wear Marks "Hole-met"

..went to Super Cuts. ice cream after getting a Hair cut!

....went to Therapy.  Ellie has two Therapists, one is Julia, an Occuaptional therapist the other is Deana a Physical therapist.  They take turns helping her learn to do regular baby stuff.  Ellie is doing really well.  Most likely once she is able to crawl, we will stop therapy, we will miss these ladies when that time comes.  Here Ellie with Deana!

...went to visit the NICU where Ellie was cooled for 3 days after birth then stayed till she was 3 weeks old. We saw Nurse Jessica, who was her primary nurse! She is so wonderful. She was so happy to see Ellie.  She is pregnant with her 3rd child!

Friday, November 18, 2011

We have been having fun, how about you?

Ellie girl eating some food!
 Yummy in my tummy!

He fell alseep in the chair!  Wow.  We are in the stage of not "needing" or wanting a nap, so he falls asleep in weird places!

My great friend Janet had a birthday!  Ellie and I went to celebrate with her for an hour, it was so fun!  We love you- Janet!

Aunt Sarah (Lewis) sent Hank and Ellie these great Turkey feather headbands!
Thanks Auntie Sarah!

Hank fell asleep!  Crazy! 

These ladies are some of my YW.  Lata and Nouga.  They are beautiful and so awesome!  They came over this past Thursday and we made dinner together.  Yum!

A perfect Chicken Pot Pie!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow, it's been too long!

OK, my baby is breaking in two teeth, she can sit, she is getting so good at eating food!  Next thing- she be going to preschool.  Then off to college.  We have been celebrating life, Halloween, Sharon (birthday time for her), and Halloween!

Enjoy the pictures!