Friday, May 6, 2011

Cute kids, Service Project, and FHE

Cute Kids

Look at that cute girl!!

Those of you who know my silblings, doesn't she look like Truman a little in this photo?

Our almost Beach trip (this past Thursday). I had the lunch packed, the kids had their suites on, the bag was packed. But I decided not to go, because poor Hankie was just not himself.

He was way fussy! But Ellie sure wasn't.

No Ellie, I said "Say Cheese", not "Open Wide". :)

Service Project!!
We went to our community service project, which was a creek clean up.

Hank had great fun! Ellie and I picked up some trash.

Mark was on Hank duty!!
Here he is helping Hank not get too soaked!

We are thankful for FHE:

This night we talked about how Heavenly Father created animals and dinosaurs are like animals, so we created with dinosaur sticky shapes!!

One, Two, Say Cheesey Dinosaur!

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