Saturday, March 10, 2012

Where we live

OK, some of you have wondered about how we have fit ourselves back in the above garage apartment, check it out.  I added the pictures in the wrong order, I meant to start with the entrance to the apartment!  We love our cozy home.  We are planning on moving sometime near August, this year.  Wish us luck, that is coming up quick!!

So this is most of the bathroom, we have a shower stall, not include, oops, maybe next time.

This is the hallway, bedroom door is closed on the left, the kids were sleeping!  I didn't post the bedroom, another time perhaps.

Here is our wall to wall and floor to ceiling shelving unit that we starting building 6 months after we got married, it took us 4 or so years to get it like that.  We have ideas to finish it up, but never do.

Here is Ellies special spot.  She loves eating!!

Here is the toy box and play area~  The mirror is at the perfect heighth for Hank-a-saurous!

Here is where we put our feet up and rest!  Our couch is a big bean bag and a Mark built a wooden couch frame with wheels so we can move it around with ease. 

The view from the kitchen into the dinning area.

Here is a good view of the dinning area.

Here is the view into the kitchen from the doorway by Ellies highchair and the frige.

Our frige and Microwave!  I have the skill of using every place I can find to store things.  Like my scriptures go behind the microwave on the frige.  We got loads of photos on our frig,  Hey- you might be on it!!  Come visit and see!

Here is our door to the outside world, and you can check yourself out, just before you leave in this cute mirror!!  Don't forget to wear your hat!

We use to keep our keys at the top of the stairs, then I had a great idea!!!  I love it.

Don't you just love rainboots?  Come again!!


  1. So do you just move the pack n play from the bedroom to the family room for Ellie when you guys go to bed? Looks good. You have done well.

  2. I don't know how you it! Amazing. We will probably be in Cali in August....

  3. We have two play pins. She goes to bed in one in the bedroom, we set up the other one in the family room before we go to bed, we move her to the family room balanced on her cozy mattress. She stays asleep!! Awesome.

    Ellie was waking up still when she was 8 months, I wanted to put an end to that, so I put her in her own room, it did the trick!