Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March came in like a Lion!

I love musicals!!  One of the best is, Seven Brides for seven brothers.  None of these photos have anything to do with it, but, I was thinking about that show. 

Pullinng up! She did it!
 Watching conference!!

Trip to the Zoo!

Cute Girls!

Look closely, what do you see?

Alligators!  Yes, and boy oh boy, were they putting on a show for us today. 

 We also enjoyed the Lemers!

Leaping Lemers!  Well, he was resting, but he can totally leap.

Ellies the bestest!

 Playing in Ellies bed!

 Helping Daddy with the Chevelle Malibu!

 Playin in the rain.  So fun!!

 Dressed for Church!  First time wearing pony tails.

Cute girl.
 After taking Ellies ponies out.  Crazy hair.

 Playing at Therapy!!

 Hank playing at Therapy!

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