Saturday, February 23, 2013

Some photos from February!

Here is my cute little girl!!  Oatmeal is our go to breakfast.

For FHE one night around Chinese new Year we made this dragon.  It was super fun.  This is a few days later, after it had dried up and was ready to handle.

Mark and I went to see the Hobbit in January.  We were still in the mood for all the Lord of the Rings gang, so we made a choice and watched all the shows, it took us a few days, here is Ellie camping out in one of our drawers, which has since been taken a part.  she was showing me her foot, I think I smell something stinky, do you?
 Hank loved the shows.  He asked me one afternoon while we were still in the middle of one of the shows.  "Can we watch the show with that guy who climbs on the mountains, and says precious"?  Pretty cute!!

 Ellie is all done watching shows!  "Out please".

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