Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today I got my Son back!!!

So Hank has been super sick since last Friday. He started throwing up and didn't stop all that day. Then Saturday thru Thursday he was throwing up and had diarrhea! Some days it was "loads" and others just a little bit! Then he got a fever Monday night and it persisted till earlier today. Poor little man! He was so sick. But today at dinner time, he was doing great. Eating more than he has in a whole week. He was walking more, instead of wanting to be held and carried everywhere. Wahoo! I have missed the old Hank Allen! He is back!!!
What a blessing health is!
Here is Hank and his daddy, while Hank was still sick! So cute, but so sad!

This is Hank on day one of being sick. He had a small break of no throwing up, we went outside for a few minutes, he didn't really have any fun!
Before we went inside and before he stared throwing up again, I did get a smile out of him!

This is Hank on his third day of being sick!


  1. Gretch I am so sorry that he is so sick. This stupid virus is horrible. It has been lingering in Sariah even though she isn't throwing up. She just started eating normal yesterday. RRRR. Glad Hank is better. Miss you and wish you could come visit again.

  2. That is the worst. Poor little guy! Glad he's back and feeling better. Hope you guys stay healthy for a long time!