Saturday, May 29, 2010

I may have jumped the gun-

Well- Hank hasn't recovered completely yet. I thought because he was acting more like himself, that he was better. He is taking his time getting better. He keeps getting a fever, 100 or 101. He is eating much better, he hasn't throw up for a couple of days. It is just the fevers and the #3's that are lingering. When he woke up from his pm nap, he had a 101.7 temp.
Here is a picture from last night, he was feeling pretty good during our Friday night campfire and play time with Auntie Afton!

Here he is this morning eating some cereal and bananas with some milk!
He really is the cutest. So although Hank the Tank is not back fully, he is doing better.
We just got to get rid of the fevers!


  1. My pediatrician has always said that a good fever is about 102. It means your body is working on getting rid of whatever bug it has. So .. just let it do it's thing. If he's happy .. a little fever isn't a problem. He's adorable! Can't believe how big he is already!

  2. Sorry to hear he isn't feeling well-sick little ones are the worst, especially when they look at you like "make it better mommy!" I hope he gets feeling better!

  3. He is over his stomache thing! Wahoo! But, I think he as allergies, too funny!
    See you in less than 2 weeks!

  4. How did I not know you had a blog??? haha. Well now I know :) We look forward to a full recovery so we can play soon