Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hank's Daaad!

These two have loads of fun together!
MArk was helping me get a shot of Hank in his new PJ's from Grandma Hinkson (my mom)!
One day Mark said he wanted to make beef jerky, so he did. Hank loved watching him string the meat! Before he strung the meat, he made his own rack. Then he cooked it on low (170 degrees) for almost an entire day, about 20 hours, it was a little too dry, but still edible.
I am repeatedly impressed by my hubby! He is so awesome!

That is a lot of beef!

Mark wanted to help entertain Hank several days ago, so he busted out the crayons and drew a city. Then he got out the pop onz and built buildings, we all had fun playing with the creation.

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