Friday, December 30, 2011

Fun Friday!

Ellie had so much fun playing with this toy.  She did get frustrated too, but most had fun.  She knows how to close the lids!

Here- Therapist Deana is showing us Ellie's homework moves to practice.  She should us with the balck haired doll.  Which Ellie thought tasted yummy.

Having fun!  Daddy always comes up with fun activities!!

All I want for Christmas is healthy happy kids!  Which I got!  Thank you!  They were sick before and after Chirstmas.  But happy and healthy a couple days before Christmas and 1/2 of Monday after Christmas!!
 We have been working on "GOING" in the POTTY!  We have had some successful pottty trips.  Soon, once everyone is well, we will do a few days in a row of staying home, wearing underroos and seeing what happens.  I imagine, lots of changing underwear, some crying, and frustration.  We'll let you know when we start.  This picture was taken, about a week before Christmas!  He went #1 and #2.  It was so awesome!
 This was "bun" aka fun!  Hank got to go on the ride swings, without going to an amusement park.  Life is good being the son of Mark Lewis!  FYI-  Noone was harm during this experiment :)

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