Sunday, February 20, 2011

What to do on the day Ellie is due! And the debut of Hanks playhouse!

Sat. 2-19-11
Hank and Mark went looking at Toys R' Us, yesterday while it rained! They were gone for 2 1/2 hours, wow! While they were gone, I got ready, even blew my hair dry! Wowee! Then I ate some lunch, then cleaned up the kitchen and then started coloring some dinosaurs for Hank-o-saurus! I cut them out and put contact paper on them! They look pretty good! Now they are taped to the wall in his toy area. He can pull them off and put them back as he likes! Paper dinaosaurs sturdy enough for Hank to play with! I put there names on them, so Hank can see the letters that make each dinos name!

Here I am on Ellie's Due date! I have to say, I am feeling great, and I that is awesome!

While it rained this past week, I would sneek in the playhouse while Hank was napping and work on the inside painting. Here is Hank's (practically) done playhouse!

Here is the window, it faces the back of Grandma and Grandpas house.

Where we live right now! Porthole escape hatch! My idea!!!

Mark had a great idea which was to buy some fun wood items, paint them, cut dowles to insert into the backs of each of the wood items. Then drill holes on the inside walls of the playhouse, so Hank would have movable wall decorations that he could also play with. We still need to drill the holes in the walls. The following three pictures are the playhouse wall decorations/ wooden toys!!

Mark painted the plain and train!

I painted the rest of them! I was least excited about the frog and dog, and they ended up being my favorite ones. Cute little doggie and froggie!!

Dinosaur, dragonfly and turtle! Turtles, dragonflies and frogs are from one of our favorite books, "Looking for a Moose"! It is a great book! Micheals only sells one kind of dinosaur, otherwise we would have picked a Tyranosaurus or a Velociraptor, those seem to be Hanks favorite!

Here is the inside, which is the practically done part. I need to finish the table, it needs to be painted and a leg needs to be made. The paint cans are doing the trick when Hank is no where around! I also need to finish the world painted on the floor. Which was painted solely by memory, so it is not accurate, but it is close enough!

Won't the wall decor/ wooden toys look great on the yellow walls!


  1. You look great, I hope all goes well!

    The club house looks great, Hank is super lucky!

  2. Thanks! I wish I had a playhouse for myself!!

    Maybe if you come to CA you guys can play in this fantastic playhouse!

    How is being a mom of two? I am about to find out!

  3. That playhouse is so so cute! I love the bright fun colors. Hank is going to love every second of it. I hope you're still feeling good and that Hank's getting better. Can't wait to meet little Ellie!

  4. Thanks Kaylene!
    I cait wait to introduce her!
    Come visit whenever you can, we will have her Friday sometime! Feel free to visit in the hospital if you can!! No pressure though!

  5. Had to check your blog to see if Ellie has made an appearance yet :) Let me know if I can help with anything when she comes!