Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hanks Lucky Day- he saw Elephants!

Hank loves Elephants and Dinosaurs, the Oakland Zoo has 4 elephants.
Our Zoo trip was 2-10-11!

Hank wearing his monkey backpack!
A friend took the picture of us with the cross bread Monkey-Giraffe in the background!


  1. brave woman leaving the stroller at home!

  2. GRETCHEN! This is your long lost friend Holly Butler (now Martineau...aka Sycamore Girl)
    I finally found Tallie on Facebook and now you.
    I was telling Tallie that we all have great taste in names. I have two children my daughter is Natalie and we call her Talie. My son is Henry and we call him Hank! Also, Talie's middle name is Jean (AND her birthday is the 26th of this month!) Sheesh! Crazy!!!
    HOW ARE YOU?! Come on over to my blog and catch up on my life like I just did with your blog!
    Looks like you are happy and well and probably have a new baby to take care of! Congrats! I look forward to catching up with you!