Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OK, here is my new hair!!  Sorry to keep you in suspence!
The following several pictures are from my surprise birthday trip to Sacramento!
There was this one shop that went totally all out, The front of the store was decorated in Halloween, the back was Christmas!  I loved it!!
I had Mark play a shooting game, he got 18 shots, he hit all but one!  Wahoo, he needs to try out for Top Shot!!

These pumpkins were fantastic, I have got to make some, next year though!

This is the Delta King, we ate dinner inside the super fancy restaurant!


Sunday Oct. 9th-

The Happy Birthday girl.  Mom Lewis added all the bows to this hat!

What a fun trio!

 What beautiful smiles.  this was a super Party!
 Aren't we so cute?
 My Helicopter Cake!  IT not only looked great, but it tasted great.  It was a lemon cake!!
 Hank really liked the cake!

Hank sneaking a peek at Mark.


  1. love the hair, never thought I would see you with hair that short!

  2. Sorry I am so behind... I LOVE the new hair. Miss you lil sis.!