Sunday, July 18, 2010

More pictures of our Faire trip with Afton!

Right off, I have to brag! I entered this wood halloween creation into the Creative Living section of the faire, and I won first place! Cool huh?
I had great help making it, Afton drew the shelf. Mark drew the witches and caldron and then I painted everything. You can't tell, but the witches and caldron are glued on. It is all wood except for the frog. That is a soft rubber toy.
It is titled: Moonlight Spell. Wowee, who knew I would actually place?

Hank and Afton looking at the bunnies! Cutest pair!
We watched the Alaskian pigs race!

We got ice cream cones! Yummy!!

We took our shoes off and played in a box full of pinto beans! They felt so good!

He loved the tracker!

Hank loved the kid play area! He got to make noise with wind chimes!

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