Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Fun in the Lewis house!

Just last night, Hank and Mark were playing with socks!
This was super fun!!!
Seriously, they had a great time!!
Mark has been sooooo busy with writing papers lately that he hasn't had much fun this summer! So this was a welcomed few minutes of play!

Earlier that day Hank and I played Peekaboo at Lunch!
He had a burrito, green beans and milk!

A few days earlier Hank got all dirty eating black beans and plums, without the skin!

My great friend Bethany, who I have know since 5th grade, came to visit. She arrived on a Friday and we quickly went to Monterey to the Aquarium. It was great fun!
On Saturday she took me to see "Wicked". It was amazing!

Outside the Aquarium, where we could look out at the Ocean!

The turtles were so cute!

Hank was so amazed with the fish and other creatures!

Earlier in July- Hank just playing with some cords, his favorite past time since he could crawl!

Another day of cord playing!

Since corn on the cob has been on sale, we have been eating it lots! Yummy!
The mess on his tray is some chicken and rice.

Six Flags, we saw the Shouka show!
Hank and his Ma-ma-mom! That is what he calls me sometimes!

My ward spnsored a Quilts for Comfort event, where we displayed loads of quilts and had classes and made some Humanitarian quilts to give to those in need!

That is a friend, Merrilee, one of the woman incharge of the event!

We diplayed the quilt I made for Marks Christmas gift in 2009!
In May we had a few hot days. One of which, our neighbor's grand-daughter,
Emily, who is just enthrolled with Hank, came over for a swim!!
I took about 30 pictures of them. She is so cute with him!

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  1. I loved Wicked! How fun to hang with your friend too! Hank is so cute & getting so big!!! Let me know next time you are down this way.