Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shaving, a family event!

Shaving lesson for Hank! We used a spoon. Hank didn't like the shaving cream on his face, only on his Daddys face!

Hank asked us to take it off his face, so we did!

Here Hank is helping shave his Daddys face (with the spoon)....
and Marks head too.

An up-date on Ellie: She is doing well, most of her feedings, she is drinking from a bottle. Maybe once or twice a day, she is too sleepy so they feed her through her tube. She gets fed every three hours. When I am there to nurse her, we can wait up to 4 hours to see if she wakes up on her own. Aunt Afton is going to go visit Ellie after work tonight. Her Daddy willvisit her tonight too. Mark will go after he gets off of school. I haven't seen her for 2 days, because Hank and I are not feeling well! We definitely don't want Ellie getting sick!


  1. What fun memories! I used to sit on the sink and watch my dad shave...In fact, even when I go home now and find my dad shaving, I'll sit on the vanity to watch. Hanks such a handsome boy, just like his Dad!

  2. I should really try this. Great idea!