Thursday, March 10, 2011


Mark and I decided to let Hank meet / see Ellie today.
He hasn't been very interested in posing for pictures lately, as you can see. He really liked meeting his sister El-yie, (that is the way he pronounces her name!) It is so cute!
He got to kiss her foot, and while saying "eye", he leaned closer to her and tried to touch her eye. I said, "no touching her eye today, but you can touch her feet"! Mark and Hank went home just a couple minutes after that. I stayed for a few mores hours. I was there for two feedings. She nursed for about one and a half minutes the first time, she was so sleepy for her 10 am feeding. But at her one pm feeding she nursed for twelve minutes! Wahoo Ellie!
One of Ellies nurses took this of us! I held her for about an hour and a half while she slept!

I put her in some pj's that were my younger brothers. Hank also wore them when he was a baby!

Here she is standing up! She has some cords that track her pulse and heart rate!

Big kisses!
Auntie Afton came around 12 noon, we left around 2:20.

Here she is all ready to take a rest!

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  1. I love that picture the nurse took with Ellie sleeping on you. You look so beautiful and Ellie looks so peaceful.:)