Monday, March 21, 2011

The Weekend with Ellie!

Isn't she so cute!
You can see lots of stuff on my bed, these photos were taken on Saturday, mid afternoon, and I still hadn't put all the stuff from the hospital away!
Naked babies are just so cute!

These were taken just after the naked ones above.
She sure tell us when she is unhappy!
We just love this Ellie!
Mark caught Ellie and me napping!
Look at her cute little lips!
I actually woke up when he came in the room, but I pretended to still be asleep!


  1. Oh Gretchen - I am so glad she is home and doing well. How wonderful! Congratulations on such a beautiful little family you have.

  2. Thanks Stephanie!!
    I just feel so blest right now!!

  3. So awesome that you finally get to bring her home and she is looking wonderful! So happy for you all. Sandy Grant

  4. I am so happy you are able to have Ellie home with you now. I love that pic of you both napping. You are right, she does have adorable lips.:)